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Amazing Medical Services was founded in 2009 by Doctor Oluwatoyosi Dairo with the vision of creating a medical practice that provides everyone with affordable quality care with a personalized touch. 

A note from Dr .Dairo:
"We are more than just a doctor's office. We care not only about your physical health but your mental and emotional well-being.  Our services are delivered in a warm and friendly atmosphere because we care. Our comfortable surroundings and friendly staff will make you feel at home."

Dr. Oluwatoyosi Dairo had her residency training at St. John's Episcopal Hospital, New York. She has practiced in the field of Internal Medicine as a Primary care Physician at Health centers and group practice in New York. She is a caring doctor, dedicated to the total well-being of people, for which she is well loved by patients. 
She is a member of American College of Physicians.
She enjoys teaching and writing both in her field and her faith. Her love for public health education is evident in her monthly health write up in US Immigration Newspaper. For her commitment to community health, she initatited Christ Apostolic Church (CAC WOSEM) Medical Outreach. She has remained the major contributor to a faith based publication "The Way" for the past ten years. She loves to mentor young people.

Dr. Oluwatoyosi Dairo​

About Us

Our Mission is to bring quality healthcare to the surrounding communities and keep our neighbors and family smiling and living healthier lives.

A dream with your family in mind.

Good health leads to great community

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